My Accountant Says I’m Crazy But Just Give Me ONE DOLLAR to Prove Your Ambition and I’ll Show You How to Fill Your Gym…

Even If the Pressure of Getting Every New Client Rests On Your Shoulders

Plus, get the fully-loaded marketing system to promote 50 Strong™, the hottest new challenge gym owners all over America are using.

The New Client Academy is a business coaching program for gym owners that focuses on helping you with your marketing…so you can get a steady flow of new clients.

It’s about giving you access to what the top gym owners around the world are doing with their Marketing to bring in more leads, more clients, and ultimately, more cash – so that you can copy from them to get similar results for your business.

What You Get As A Member Of The...New Client Academy

Here’s an overview of everything you'll be getting for the small amount it costs to remain a member. I think you’ll be shocked/pleasantly surprised at the incredible resources and tools included:

1. Done For You Marketing Campaigns

Swipe and Deploy New Client Ideas…that have been proven to work in our community.

You’ll get proven marketing ideas that will be game ready for you to swipe and deploy into your own business.

These ideas come from things that have ALREADY worked in our community of gym owners. Only after they produce results, do we make these ideas available to you.

These won’t be flashy articles that just tell you WHAT to do. The heavy lifting is already done…and the HOW to do it will be laid out on a silver platter for you.

Our entire goal is to make getting new clients for you simple, easy, and stress-free. The true beauty of these done-for-you campaigns is they can be used more than once.

Each campaign can and should be used multiple times…which essentially means you’ll be getting a money-making asset for your gym…that can be used forever.

2. 1-on-1 Marketing Coaching

I’ve strategically employed a marketing coach…personally trained by me…to be available to help you with your marketing.

When you need advice with your marketing…they’ll get on a call with you…1-1…and get it sorted out.

It could be what offer to put on Facebook, what campaign to run over the summer or what subject line to use in your email…doesn’t matter…

…just know you’ll have an expert that’ll give you the advice you need to make your marketing a success.

The best part is your coach has been teaching my unique style of marketing for gyms…and it’s identical to the same methods I use in my own gym.

3. Access to the New Client Vault

Get Instant Access to Gobs of proven money making strategies.

Here you can watch and listen to the replays of all previous coaching calls plus access other, new, constantly updated resources and training we’ll be giving you during your membership…

🚀 Done-For-You Emails

🚀 Done-For-You Facebook Ads

🚀 Done-For-You Social Media Posts

🚀 Done-For-You Referral Campaigns

🚀 Access to Never released full-fledged marketing courses

Plus, you’ll get access to ALL of the masterclasses we’ve done over the years…

Here’s what’s accessible to you immediately after you become a trial member

🔑 "How To Get More Clients With Non-Paid Social Media Marketing”

🔑 “How to Get the Marketing Calendar That Delivers 10-20 Small Group Training Clients Each Month”

🔑 “What's Working Now: Learn What The Top Gym Owners In America Are Doing Right Now”

🔑 “8 Sources I’m Using To Generate Every New Client Right Now”

🔑 “How To Get Your Next 20 Small Group Training Clients In 30 Days…Who Pay More, Stay Longer, and Refer Their Wealthy Friends”

🔑 “Attention Gym Owners That Want More Athletes This Winter”

🔑 “5 Ways To Get Your Next 10 Clients Without Spending A Dime”

🔑 “How To Implement The Best Damn Referral Tactic Ever”

🔑 “What The Hell Should Gym Owners Do All Day?”

🔑 “How To Be A Better Public Speaker”

🔑 “Your Fall Marketing Plan. Done.”

🔑 “The Top 5 Things Working Right Now For Gym Owners”

🔑 “How To Write Money Making Emails”

🔑 “The Gym Owners Guide To Knowing Exactly What To Do All Day”

🔑 “5 Money Making Musts In 2023”

🔑 “How To Never Run Out Of Marketing Ideas Ever Again”

🔑 “The 3 Most Important Things That Need To Be On Your To-Do List”

🔑 “3 Ideas To Get New Clients In 2023…That No One Else Is Talking About”

🔑 “The 5 Money Making Rules For Gym Owners”

4. Monthly LIVE Masterclass

with Vince Gabriele

One of the major benefits of joining NCA now is you get access to a LIVE monthly coaching call with me - you can ask your most pressing questions or learn from the other gym owners I coach…

Very few membership communities have hands-on coaching like the one you’re about to test out.

I know sending you the newsletter and giving you access to me via our Facebook page and membership site will bring you far more value than the cost of this program.

But, I realize in this climate you probably need more.

You need a live person to work with you each month and answer your most pressing questions.

I do the same thing for my business.

I actually worked with world-renowned business coach, Jay Abraham, in this very same format.

Each month I would get on and ask Jay ONE question to help move my business forward.

That ONE question answered each month created a very large multiple of what I paid for the program.

Want Vince To Be YOUR Business Coach right now?

Here’s a Replay of a recent call for you to listen back to - this is what you will get to join every month when you join.

"Press Play to Hear a Coaching Call With Gym Owners From All Over the World"

5. Access to New Client Academy Member-Only Private Facebook Community

Get ALL your questions answered and benefit from the $10,000’s of marketing and other resources openly shared in the private Facebook community by members…

Why Listen to Me?

Vince is the founder of Gabriele Fitness, a New Jersey based personal training gym that has dominated its market (and still does) for 14 years, and has generated well over 10 Million in Revenue. It’s regarded as one of the most successful gyms in America according to the National Fitness Business Alliance (NFBA).

Only after achieving massive success as a gym owner has he turned to teaching the business secrets he used and still uses today to other gym owners from around the world.

He’s Authored 8 Fitness Business Books…

1. The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Gym

2. The Ultimate Guide to Sales For Your Gym

3. The 364 Hiring Manual

4. The 4 Stages of fitness business success

5. The Ultimate Success Mindset

6. Unshakeable Gym

7. 41 Business and Life Principles

8. Vince Gabriele’s Big Book of Marketing

Vince was a top-rated speaker for the Mindbody Bold tour and is a prime-time speaker for the very prestigious Perform Better Seminar Series.

Vince is the Host of the Award Winning Fitness Business University Podcast. It’s the second-ranked Fitness Business Podcast in the World and has over 400 episodes.

Vince is the CEO of Fitness Business University, a business coaching company dedicated to helping gym owners build more successful businesses…The most notable program is Vince’s SPF Mastermind…Which holds 100+ Highly successful gym owners who keep Vince and his team on a high monthly retainer to help them grow their business.

During the pandemic, Vince founded KISS Marketing, a digital marketing agency for gym owners to help them get more clients from their website and digital marketing strategies. KISS Marketing is the go-to agency for industry greats like Rick Mayo of Alloy Personal Training, Mark Fisher of Mark Fisher Fitness, and Frank Nash of Stronger Personal Training.

After the pandemic decimated his sports performance business, Vince rebranded it and launched Grit Athlete Performance. He brought it from zero to $20,000/month in a few months without training a single session or speaking to one parent. The Grit Model is now available for licensing.

Sign up today and Get 3 Free Gifts…

($2,147 worth of free money-making advice)

Gift #1: The 50 Strong Challenge

(Done For You)

The most successful challenge I have run at my gym is titled 50 Strong™. It generated 36 new members who each paid $500…with 29 of the 36 staying on after.

I gave the entire 50 Strong™ system to the members of my mastermind so they could use it too, and many of them experienced very similar success.

Today, as a bonus for joining NCA you’ll get all the materials I used to market, sell, and run this program. 

It’s like a challenge…on PED’s. 

Typically I would charge at least $997 to get access to all the materials in this program…but it comes as a bonus with your NCA Trial 

Here’s what’s inside the package...

The exact 21 emails I personally wrote to promote 50 Strong

The exact facebook ad copy that one of the best facebook ad copywriters on the planet created 

The 15-page playbook we give to our clients when they sign up

A 30-page PDF that gives you a truckload of Social Media Posts you can use to promo 50 Strong during your launch

The Exact emails we sent to get our current members to join the challenge


The 50 Strong Landing Page


Flyers for internal signage for the walls at your gym


The 50 Strong Scoreboard to track all your data

Here’s how running 50 Strong will help you:

1. Get new members to join your gym.

2. Improve Retention by giving your current members a kick in the pants they’ve never gotten before.

3. Get your old members back who have left but now have an incredible reason to rejoin your gym.  4. Drive Referrals. Because this is such a cool idea, and people love telling their friends about what they’re doing.

5. Generate success stories. Because people do so well in this program, there’ll be a ton of success stories generated to use in your future marketing.

Gift #2: Marketing Made Simple For Gym Owners(Video Course)

This is a 4-module course I built for gym owners who want a simple way to get started and accelerate their growth.

Gift #3: How To Uncover Hidden Money During A Recession [Video Seminar]

You’ll get instant access to a game-changing marketing and money presentation that’ll help you learn to market your gym the way that will drive cash to your bottom line.


Here’s how this is going to work:

The normal fee for NCA is $197 per month – but Just $1 for the first 60 days while you give us a shot. 

That means $1 is paid today – and you will not be billed again until 60 days from now (and then every 30 days after that or until you cancel).

You are not in a contract meaning you can easily cancel before your first billing date.

In fact, we will notify you as the first billing date gets closer to ensure you want to continue.

If you have questions please email


Frequently Asked Questions

New Client Academy

If I sign up for the 60-Day free trial, what is my commitment to the Program?

You are only committed for as long as you like. You may cancel the program at any time and incur no penalties or fees. I believe the quality of the material will cause you to want to stay a client forever.

I’ve already purchased 6 Week New Client Surge or attended the FBU Mentorship is New Client Academy Different?

The Surge and FBU Mentorship were designed to give you the fundamental strategies and tools you need to build a powerful new client attraction system. However, I received many requests from Surge clients for some type of affordable coaching to help them further their education and skills in marketing and sales…and to provide ongoing encouragement and direction. That is when I decided to launch the MMIC.

What if I can’t afford it/am dead broke?

I’ve found this is rarely the case and it’s more a matter of priorities. I’m sure you’ve had clients tell you they can’t afford your gym but pull up in nice cars or spend tons of money on coffee and eating out.

The same goes for you, if this is why you cannot even try this program for $47. The way out from being dead broke to develop a new skill. The skill I’m going to teach you is how to make money.

What if I am too busy right now to implement all the strategies I’ve already got from you… should I wait to join New Client Academy?

I’d ask you to do an honest audit of what you spend your time on each day. If every moment is filled with very high value activity then you probably should think about joining my highest-level CEO Mastermind because you’re on a great path.

If not, I’d say there are several hours where you’re doing work that you could delegate for $10/hour. If you delegate 3 hours a week, that $30/week could be the best investment you ever make if it frees up the time to join NCA.

I don’t have time to do all of this “marketing stuff”

Quite simply, that’s a statement that won’t get you very far in business. The most brilliant business mind on the planet is a guy named Dan Kennedy.

Here’s his 4-phase sequence:

1. You Do the thing (training clients)
2. You Build a Marketing System
3. You Become an entrepreneur
4. You become an investor

If you spend all your time “doing the thing” you’ll always HAVE to be there and you’ll just have a very busy job. Becoming great at marketing is the thing that’ll pull you away from the grind.

What if I need more advanced help?

If that’s the case, we can set up a call and see what the best course of action is for you. If you’re really crushing it, it may be time to join either my SPF or CEO Masterminds…

Apply Here:

Results From Current

New Client Academy Members

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT EARNINGS DISCLOSURE AND OTHER NOTICES: Absolutely NOTHING on this web page should be considered as any type of earnings claim (implied or otherwise). I've never taught this class before so I can't tell you what a "typical" result would be.

What I do know is the vast and overwhelming majority of people who take classes about growing businesses and increasing their sales don't get any results at all. Kind of like the way most people who buy home exercise equipment don't look like the people in the commercials.

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